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John S., St. Louis, MO –
“I started using PokeRhthyms three months ago. I have never seen anything like them. I don't change my game, yet I have never understood why I win and lose in cycles, losing more when I lose than winning when I win because I never could believe the cards. Now, I have a better idea about where I stand going in. I watch the games and tournaments I enter and manage my risk.”

Bob W., Albany, NY –
“I can't believe these pokerhythms. It's not just that they let me be more aggressive at the right time, but I can't tell you how many times on an intellectual high I avoid playing a hand I sometimes would play. I've won over $6,000 in the last two weeks playing $10/$20 side games.”

Ann G., Phoenix, AZ –
“Finally, an answer...and a strategy!”

Randy B., Louisville, KY –
“When Frank started taking one out of every three hands, I knew he had a secret. A six-pack later, I knew what it was, too. Now I use Pokerhythms, but I’m not tellin.”

Cassie W., San Diego, CA –
“I started playing online poker about six months ago, and a friend told me about this website. I can’t believe I never knew about it before! It makes so much sense. It helps me watch for my strengths and weaknesses on any given day. When I lose, I don’t lose as much. For me, that’s really saying something!”

Trent M., Seattle, WA –
“PokeRhythms is liking having an ace up my sleeve.”

Cal G. Bend, OR –
This “PokeRhythms stuff is for real. I’m more confident than ever. I will make the right move.”

Jon G. Topeka, KS –
“Including PokeRhythms with all those poker strategy books is a winning combo.

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Rick F., Alva, OK –
“I’ve been in the game for 27 years, good luck and bad. I’m a big stakes player and I never changed my game because I knew the good would come back round. But with Pokerhythms, I have to admit the odds are going in my favor. Last week I won a $50,000 purse tourney. I’m sure knowing I was on a three-cycle high helped pull it off.”

Margie L., Dallas, TX –
“At first I wasn’t sure if this was just some ‘flavor of the month’ idea, but now I’m convinced. It’s fun to plan ahead and know when I’m going to be at my best. I even try to plan my weekends in Vegas after I check my PokeRhythms dates because I’m winning more on my ‘up’ days.”

Pam J., Omaha, NE –
“With Pokerhythms, I feel I can see my next move. No matter what hand I’m dealt, I feel confident about my decision to fold or raise. Sometimes I even advertise, just to end up taking the next hand by surprise.”

Trieu N., Boston, MA –
“PokeRhythms … is tight.”

Heather P., Newport, RI –
“Yesterday I won $1,100, just in side games.”

Bunni S., Ocean City, MD –
“Before Pokerhythms, I was running bad … Pokerhythms took me off the rails.”

Taylor H., Savannah, GA –
“I was knee-deep in a flush draw and still as alert as first hand four hours ago. And wouldn’t ya know I got the hit. Just like my PokeRhythms for the day said, I was on a physical and emotional high.”

Maria K., Minneapolis, MN –
“Texas Holdem always looked like fun and about a month ago, I started playing (in a charity tournament, of all places!). I was a big loser that day, but I now have a love for all things poker – even if it’s still long-odds for me. PokerRhythms is my daily reminder that I want to keep learning (and someday winning big!).”

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Vito D., Syracus, NY –
“There I am, holding a monster hand and filtering my bet through my PokeRhythms. What an asset they are.”

Ginny H., Phoenix, AZ –
“Now that I have PokeRhythms, I don’t play on tilt anymore.”

Orval B., Tupelo, MS –
“I hit 6 out of 9 straights on the river in less than three hours in a $40/$80 game. You got any idea how much that made? Never done it hadn’t the PRs said I was at my best.”

Richard C., Alexandria, VA –
“With Pokerhytms, I feel better about going all in."

Ashley B., Greeley, CO –
“Pokerhythms are hot. I’ve won so much in the last three week days, it’s like having a second income.”

Helen T., Camdenton, MO –
“I always thought poker looked like fun, but when I discovered PokeRhythms, it all came together for me. Now I’m playing online and getting together every month with some friends. We all discuss our PokeRhythms for the day.”

Keele G., Sioux City, IA –
“… I love the daily emails.”

Mark B., Oakbrook, IL –
“I know which days I’m going to be on and which days I’m not, thanks to Pokerythms.”

Lee T., Terra Haute, IN –
“I wake up with a hand and all I can think is that I’m on a two-cycle high. No kidding. PokeRhythms will make you feel better about what you have to do.”

Dimitri W., Dover, DE –
“I can’t believe I exposed myself to the things I did before PRs came along. Now, I know in advance. If I’m more at risk, I know it beforehand.”

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